Simran International

Help & FAQ

How to Place an Order

1. Create an Account or Sign in

2. Fill out the Business Application and wait for 24 hrs to get your account approved.

3. Once your account is approved, you will gain access to our entire Master Catalog, Price List, and Order Form.

4. To place an order, fill out the order form sheet referring to the Master Catalog and Price List, and please email that form to

5. Wait for less than 24 hrs for a confirmation email, and your order will be shipped the same day.

How to Create an Account

1. Click the Man Icon next to the Magnifying Glass Icon in the top right of the screen 

2. Click “Sign Up”

3. Fill out the required information 

4. Click “Register” 

5. Wait for an email reply back to confirm your authorization 

How Do You Pay For Your Order

After emailing your order form to Someone from the team will contact you to confirm that your order has been received and a payment method

When Will My Order Get Shipped

All orders will be shipped the same day that the order was confirmed or 3-5 business days from being confirmed